Hi there! My name is Calin Matney and I’m a technical artist. I make things! Shiny things, techy things and artsy things. All sorts of things! I hope you enjoy these things.

I got my start in environment art over a decade ago, but I’ve always been a bit technically-inclined. Always eager to check out a new tool, dig into a new feature, and generally push any and all boundaries that I can.

As I worked and saw various needs around me in general workflow, I began filling these needs. It started with simple Maya scripts and Photoshop actions that I would share around, and slowly evolved until I was writing full fledged tools and editor extensions.

During my time at Airtight, I actually got to step in as a stand-in programmer when we were short handed. The engineers there helped me develop good coding practices and ironed out the bad habits that had formed from teaching myself over the years.

I’m now leading the technical art group at Amazon Game Studios in Seattle. It’s great, managing and working with a really amazing team (especially since I still get to dig in with plenty of my own work).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy what you see here. Enjoy!